2016 aBlogtoWatch Audience Survey

Hey, Ariel Adams here of aBlogtoWatch. I want to thank you for dedicating the time you are about to put into this survey, as well as for coming back to our site on a regular basis. In a recent audience poll we did, one of the clear messages we got from you was "we want aBlogtoWatch to be supported by high quality advertisers, and to enjoy the content as well as good advertising."

This survey is intended to help us work with the right types of advertisers that sell the things you want, and the services you'd like to use. That requires the advertisers to know about who you are and how you spend your time and money. Asking you directly is still the best way to get the right marketing messages in front of your eyes. Again, the deal we have is that in exchange for offering you content we both like, you need to pay attention to the advertising partners that make our business work (and their job is to make sure the message is useful and attractive to you).

It might seem as though this survey asks some personal questions about the money you spend and how you use your time. No data we use would ever single out any individual in any way. We just need the responses and statistics so that we can make broad generalizations about our audience, which is something that really helps advertisers find the right audience that want what they sell.

Being honest and complete in this survey will only make aBlogtoWatch stronger and work more for you. Our audience will always be our number one asset, and you are all far too smart and sophisticated to let anyone take advantage of you. Thanks again for making working at aBlogtoWatch fun.